I can’t believe it’s Christmastime already. Last night we had Christmas with my extended family, and today Sam opened his gifts from my parents as we’ll be in Atlanta with his other set of grandparents on Christmas Day this year. I couldn’t help but reflect on last Christmas — I was gigantically, freakishly, ridiculously pregnant and sort of miserable and ready to be done. This year I have an almost one-year old who looked so handsome in his Christmas outfit, which he wore to church today.

We’re heading down to Tim’s parents’ house in Atlanta for Christmas this year. We’re definitely looking forward to seeing family, but we’re not so much looking forward to the long drive with an 11-month old. We’re driving through the night on Wednesday and hope and pray he sleeps and doesn’t get his routine all screwed up.

If anyone has any tips for loooong car rides with 11 month olds, feel free to leave a comment! It should be an adventure to say the least. Which is how everything this past year has been.


One response to “christmastime.

  1. He looks adorable!

    As far as traveling with an 11 month old–have lots of finger foods available. Michaela could be entertained with puff type finger foods for toddlers and her favorite fruits. Food is a great incentive to be happy at least in our case. Also I tried to have a sippy of my milk for her. She is at the point where she will take breast milk from a sippy. But when she was younger I always had to lean over the car seat and nurse her. Ugh. That was interesting. But it was the only way I could get her to fall asleep and stop wailing. I hope he sleeps the night for you! I did find that the sound of the car lulls her to sleep so she doesn’t wake as much which is great. We always try to make our trips with only one or maybe two stops. That way we don’t wake and disturb her as much. Good thing I wasn’t pregnant or that wouldn’t have been doable! 🙂 Hope you have a wonderful trip and Christmas celebration!

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