the obligatory new year’s resolutions post.

Happy New Year! We had a fantastic time visiting with Tim’s family in the great state of Georgia over Christmas. For the record, driving through the night is the way to do long road trips with babies! Sam slept pretty much the whole way, and Tim and I got to have a really good conversation.  Sam made out like a bandit when it came to presents, but the best part was just being together. Although we all came down with colds, it really was a nice time. We even made a trip to my new favorite place, IKEA!

Now we’re back, and a new year has dawned. None of us felt good last night from our colds so we all went to bed early. Even if we weren’t sick, I doubt I could stay up to midnight anymore. I’m just too tired and too old and too boring.

I made some resolutions for this year. I really thought long and hard about them, and tried to make them specific and also manageable. We’ll see. Without further ado, New Year’s Resolutions, Birkel-style:

1. Begin composting and start a small garden. This was something I wanted to do last year, but I had a baby instead.  We want to build raised beds, and grow a few “easy” items, like tomatoes and green beans, then add on each year.

2. Start running again. Despite the fact that I gained 85 ridiculous pounds while pregnant, I have lost almost all of it, just by nursing constantly and eating whole and unprocessed foods as much as possible. I still have about 15 lbs to go.  However, as Sam becomes more and more interested in solids, he is nursing less. And when we nightwean him after his birthday, he’ll be nursing even less. So I can no longer rely on nursing to lose weight anymore. And even if I could, I am just really out of shape. I got winded at my in-laws carrying Sam up two flights of stairs. Ridiculous.  I would be happy with my current weight if it were muscle instead of fat, so my goal is to begin running again and gain muscle tone. This is especially important to me as I look ahead to possibly getting pregnant again. Being healthy is a big part of staying low-risk and enduring the marathon that is labor.  I am following the Couch to 5K plan, using my friend’s treadmill until it warms up enough to run outside.

3. Start FLYing. I have a confession to make: I am a horrible housekeeper. Really. My house is always a wreck, I always feel overwhelmed, and I am always embarrassed by the state of things here if someone stops by. Before I got married, I never lived on my own, so I really have no idea how to run a household or clean in any strategic way. Organization is not a strong suit. But I don’t like living this way. I am a smart woman, and surely I can figure this out. People with more than one kid and jobs outside of the home manage to clean and keep their houses in order; it just takes planning and motivation. I have been interested in using the FLYLady’s system for cleaning for a while and have half-heartedly tried it once or twice in the past, but this time I am really going to stick to it. I think we’ll all be happier when it seems like this is our home, not just the space where we eat and sleep.

4. Declutter. This sort of goes with #3, but this is an area where I really struggle. I just get overwhelmed by clutter and then I don’t clean because I can’t clean around the clutter. And then someone calls me in to be the next person on that Hoarders show.

I haven’t made any spiritual resolutions this year, and that’s a first. I have tried resolving to read through the Bible in a year or pray more or whatever in the past, and it’s never worked out. So this year I am just not resolving to do anything. Maybe my resolution is to give myself grace. I am really quite harsh with myself and therefore pretty harsh with other people. I want to be gentle with myself, and gentle with others, most notably my husband and son.

Tim’s resolutions from last year were to not get fired and to be a good dad. He succeeded in both. This year he says he wants to get through our list of home improvements, and to stick to a budget. And he also says: “Teach Sam to throw a baseball.” We’ll see.

Sam’s resolutions are: to sleep through the night! OK, maybe that’s my hope for him this year. Hoping nightweaning works out and sleep will soon be a reality.

Happy 2010! Do you have any resolutions this year?


3 responses to “the obligatory new year’s resolutions post.

  1. My resolution is to rid myself of the 50 pounds that I am away from having an acceptable BMI.

    I’m always trying to keep my house cleaner, and make more meals for my family, but they’re not official resolutions.

    If you want someone to come help you declutter, it’s one of my favorite things to do! If you need help cleaning, though, you’ll need to ask someone else. And you are far away from being on Hoarders, so no worries there.

  2. Love it. I can relate on a ton of levels as far as things I am hoping this year will have in store.

    Esp. the garden and the working out parts!! 🙂 It is so nice reading your posts again by the way.

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