this is what roseola looks like.

On Sunday Sam woke up with a random 101 degree fever. He appeared in all other respects to be healthy, so I chalked it up to teething and moved on. The fever spiked to 102.8 in the afternoon, but I still figured teething, but I’d keep an eye on him to make sure the fever didn’t get higher. The fever persisted off and on (we gave him Motrin) through Tuesday. He was pretty cranky, not interested in eating solids at all, sleeping more than usual, and just not himself. My usually happy boy would crawl over to me and just lay his head down on my lap like, Mama? I don’t feel so good. But I was puzzled because he didn’t have any other signs of illness, just a random fever. Well, yesterday I finally decided to take him to the doctor — I figured the doc would say, yep, he’s teething, give him Motrin. Well, about an hour before our appointment I noticed this fine, pink rash on his forehead…and it spread to his chest and tummy. Roseola. Too bad we went to playgroup the day before…and Sam “shared” his sippy with a little girl…and probably chewed on some toys. Sigh. And that’s how all the kids in playgroup got roseola.

Anyway, his fever broke yesterday before he got the rash and I think he’s on the mend. I wanted to get some pictures of his rash — I don’t know why exactly? It’s kind of cute, in a sad way.

He’s obviously feeling much better. I’m glad.


4 responses to “this is what roseola looks like.

  1. Aww poor Sam! I am so sorry!

    Glad he is on the mend though. Is there much doctors do for it?

    • Tim and Alissa Birkel

      It’s a virus, so there’s not much they can do. Just give him something to help control the fever before it breaks. It just has to run its course.

  2. Poor boy! I hope the rash goes away soon. So far so good with Sarah – maybe she’s already been exposed since her siblings are veritable petri dishes!

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