what Sam’s been up to lately.

I haven’t really posted much about what has been going on with my little man lately, so I need to remedy that.

Every day I watch him become more a little boy and less a baby. It’s thrilling and yet terribly sad. He has been walking exclusively (and now running!) for about a month now. He can stand up without pulling himself up on furniture first, squat down and pick up a toy, and pivot and change directions. He is getting into everything and definitely keeping me on my toes.

I am really enjoying this stage. He is understanding more and more language every day. He can now understand simple directions. The other evening before he went to bed he was playing near me with a ball. I asked him, “Hey Sam, can you give the ball to Daddy?” and he turned and carried the ball to Tim all while giggling maniacally. Then Tim said, “Ok, give the ball to Mama!” and he’d turn around and run over to me. Today I said, “Sam, can you find your ball? I see it over by the slide and your train.” And he walked over and picked it up and brought it back to me. He’s a pretty smart cookie.

With his new-found walking skills, though, has come the flip side: falling. He has banged his head on so many things recently. I took him outside on one of our recent nice days and he took about 10 steps on the driveway before faceplanting and busting open his lip. I felt like the world’s worst mom…but he seemed to be just fine after a few minutes.

His vocabulary is expanding, too.  So far, he can and does say these words regularly:


Daddy (Dada)

cat (ca-ca, or sometimes kee-ca)

dog (dog-dog, or sometimes dog-gah!)

bear (beer or beer-beer)

car (ca-ca, or ca)

yeah (I really should work on teaching him yes, and not yeah)

more (mah)

milk (mee)

duck (duck-duck)

ball (ba, ba-ba)

this (dis)

bath (ath)

baby (bobby or bobba)

truck (uck!)

sock (ock)

He’s been learning his body parts, too. When prompted, he can point to his feet and nose. It’s pretty cute.

He’s a busy little guy! Every day I am amazed and how much he is learning.

This picture was from after his first haircut a few weeks ago. He’s getting to be such a big boy!


2 responses to “what Sam’s been up to lately.

  1. Wow…he says a lot of words! Ethan (my son who is 19 months old) was so quiet until a couple months ago…not he is always jibber jabbering! It’s so cute! btw…Sam is so cute!

    • Tim and Alissa Birkel

      It’s kind of surprising to me how much Sam talks, because neither Tim nor myself are particularly talkative. *shrug* Not sure where he gets it from.

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