five years.

Five years ago, a girl in a pretty white dress…

…and a boy in a gray tux…

…made a solemn vow before God and all their friends and family…

..and got married!

{Look at how very young we were!}

{And how skinny we were!}

In five years we’ve moved 4 times…

{And now you know why I hate moving!}

had several different jobs…

earned college degrees…

had times of plenty and times of less…

had one sweet baby Sam…

…we’ve grown and changed…

{fatter, and diapers}

but no matter how things have changed, we’ve been through it all


{i love him! he’s my squishy!}

and together we have all we need with:

four walls

three words

two hearts


one Love.

{here’s to the rest of forever, my love! happy 5 years!}


3 responses to “five years.

  1. Congrats on your anniversary! Five years! Has it been that long? Your family, five years later, is beautiful.

  2. I don’t find you to look substantially different. Tim, however, looks considerably younger in the wedding pictures! You just look slender and lovely as always. And Sam is super-cute as usual.

  3. Clarence Mason

    In September, your Mother and I will hit the 38 year milestone. Each year passes progressively faster, until they whiz by like fence post on a country road.
    Sit back and savor each day, hour, moment and second.
    “Long ago, it must be, I have photograph; Preserve your memories, their all that’s left you.”

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