knowing God this summer.

So, I’ve been thinking about this summer. And how it’s a pretty relaxed time of fewer commitments (usually) than exist during the school year.

And, I’ve been re-reading one of my favorite books which my sister just returned to me since she is moving to Texas like a poopyface and leaving me forever, and I’ve been thinking that this book is amazing, and it’s topic is amazing, and maybe it would be a good thing to read with some other people this summer since small groups and whatnot are all on hiatus until the fall.

What book, you ask?

Knowing God, by J.I. Packer.

Do you, as a Christian, ever stop and think about how we claim to know God? And how on some level that sounds completely absurd — how do we know God? What does that even mean? What does that look like? Is it just one of those nice things Christians all say to each other that means very little in the big scheme of things? If it’s true that we can know God and be known by Him — why aren’t our lives any different? Shouldn’t that be a life-altering thing, to know God?

Sometimes I wonder if I know Him at all. Like, when I get to heaven some day, am I going to recognize Jesus? How? I don’t really know what he looks like (except for some vague cultural constructions my mind has made up that represent Him — you know, that whole sign and signifier Derrida thing you learned in your intro to literary theory class your sophomore year of college). So…how will I recognize Him when I get to heaven? I’m assuming it’ll be pretty unmistakable, what with the throne and the right hand of God and everything, but wouldn’t it be pretty embarrassing if we showed up and Jesus was like, the bellhop, and we were like, “Excuse me, can you please direct us to Jesus” and He’s like…”I AM.” And we’re like, oh, hahaha, I, um, didn’t recognize you, uhhhh. Whoops.

I’m not trying to be flippant, because I really do think this is a serious subject. I don’t really think Jesus will be the bellhop. But…Would I recognize Him? How so? Do I know Him? How well do I know Him? And, if I know Him, what does that do to my life — my thoughts, what I value, what I love, what I laugh at, what I spend my time doing, how I treat others, etc.

So, yeah, knowing God. I want to know Jesus really well on this earth so that when I get to heaven I don’t mistake him for the bellhop. I want to know Him intimately on this earth so that heaven isn’t like an awkward first date.

And mostly, I want to know Jesus on this earth because I love him. Poorly, really, really poorly, but I love Him none the less. I am ashamed at how often I love and spend time and energy on things which aren’t headed toward that goal of knowing Him more.

And, how do I teach my little boy to love Jesus if I don’t know Him? How do I make much of Him for my little boy if I don’t really, truly, make much of Him?

So, this summer I am going to be re-reading Knowing God.  It would be really awesome to read it with some people and then get together and talk about it. The book has a study guide and some questions in the back, so it’s not like we even have to think of things to talk about.

So, who’s in?


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