Last night my mom and dad watched Sam (THANK YOU) all night so I could get some rest. I had so much fun at Bob and Sarah’s wedding (Hi Sarah!), dancing and hanging out with old, dear friends and laughing and talking until the wee hours of the morning and going to church in the morning but I was pretty much wiped out yesterday. I probably got 2 hours of sleep. So my mom and dad watched Sam another night so I could get some uninterrupted sleep. I slept okay, but insomnia is still not my friend. I went to sleep around 10:45 and slept until 12:45 when I had to get up to pee and then I couldn’t fall back asleep so at 3:30 I got up and took a hot bath and read a little of Birthing from Within. Some part of it are sort of strange and I don’t really see the point (like there is an entire section of the book devoted to making birth art, which sounds kind of fun I guess, but I don’t really see how that’s supposed to help me in labor) but other parts of it are great. I think it takes a more primal and realistic look at labor and birth. One of my favorite quotes from the book is “Labor is hard work, it hurts alot, and you can do it.” I felt sort of unprepared with Sam’s birth for how painful and difficult labor was at times (especially pushing…relaxing through contractions wasn’t bad, but pushing was terrifying). I appreciate the honesty there. Labor is hard work, it will probably hurt a lot…but, you can do it. I would appreciate the same kind of honesty regarding breastfeeding, too. Some books say that it won’t hurt if you’re doing it “right” but you know what? Sometimes it just hurts, and the only remedy is just sticking it out until your nipples toughen up.  But there is something very empowering and strong about sticking with something even when it is hard.

Anyway, then I had some Greek yogurt and went back to bed. I am in love with Trader Joe’s Greek yogurt. One cup has 24 grams of protein! That’s a significant portion of the protein that I need to eat while following on the Brewer Diet. Plus it’s yummy. And it’s probiotic.

Today I have been putting pre-pregnancy clothes in storage and getting all my maternity clothes out. I can’t believe how much sooner I started showing this time around.

I have also been reading about placenta encapsulation…this thread on MDC is especially interesting. I don’t think I would eat it raw (sorry, just a little weird, and I realize that’s saying something) but if I get a food dehydrator for Christmas or my birthday (that would be nice…) I would probably cut it in strips and dry it and grind it up and take it in capsule form. I had PPD with Sam and low milk supply and I have heard that consuming your placenta supposedly can help both.

I realize I am totally, totally strange. I am okay with that.

I have a prenatal appointment this afternoon with my WONDERFUL midwives. I’ll post how it went once I get back. I can’t believe I’m in the second trimester already.


2 responses to “sleeeeeeeeep.

  1. That’s wonderful you are in the 2ed trimester!

    Oh and I was pretty interested in placenta consuming of some sort but my husband was like NO GO. Absolutely NO GO….but I’d love to hear what your experience is if you go that route. Reading that MDC thread a while back piqued my interest. Hey anything that wards of PPD is great in my book.

    • Tim and Alissa Birkel

      yeah Tim is not entirely sure about the idea either, but he’s at least open-minded about it, even if he thinks I am totally strange. I figure, it can’t hurt anything, and if it helps with PPD and milk supply, why not?

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