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christmas letter 2010

How is it 2010, almost 2011? Shouldn’t we have flying cars by now? Or at least an iPhone. I’d settle for my own personal iPhone. But whatever, I digress.

It’s been a crazy, but good, year. I feel like most years are like that. Every year has its crazy and every year has crap and every year has happy, joyful things. So without further ado, I present to you the Life and Times of the Birkels in 2010:

Crazy: As far as crazy goes, let’s see here. The biggest thing is that we found out in May that we were pregnant again! We’re totally thrilled to be adding to our family, but if I am honest, this pregnancy has been rough. I (STILL) struggle with crazy insomnia and that’s been really hard trying to grow a human being from scratch, stay married, be mommy to a toddler, and work part-time.  That’s right — I interviewed and got a really awesome part-time job last spring. I am a breastfeeding peer counselor for Madison County WIC, which means basically that I get paid to help mommas and babies breastfeed. How cool is that?! Totally beats schlepping coffee or working retail or something, and it’s something I am passionate about and (so I’ve heard) I’m pretty good at it, too. It’s really a blessing to be able to help out financially while also helping moms and babies get off to a great start.  I am working up to when I go into labor (sometime around February 1st) and then, when I go back to work, I can take the baby (who is a boy, by the way) to work with me for a while, until he gets mobile and I can’t watch him and actually work.  Anyway, my job is great and I am blessed to have it. But it was an adjustment going back to work, even if it was just part-time, after not working for 18 months.

Crap: Like I said, the insomnia has sucked.  And my Grandmommy passed away in March and that sucked, too. We miss her. But I think that’s all the crap I can think of off the top of my head! So we’re thankful that we didn’t have any more crap than that.

Happy, Joyful Things:

Other than expecting another sweet baby again, we also have this amazing little boy named Sam who is without a doubt number one on our list of Happy, Joyful Things. He is 23 months old and just a delight. He’s talking up a storm and keeping us on our toes. He enjoys playing Tackle Football Game!! with Daddy, playing with his cars and trucks, and he’s recently been really into dinosaurs. He is all boy, that’s for sure. But he’s also very sweet and snuggly — he still likes bringing us books and being read to, and frequently asks for and gives hugs and kisses (“Mommy! Hug! More hug!”). He’s very excited about being a big brother — he asks to “talk to Baby” all the time, and gives my belly a kiss every night before bed. We are so excited to see how the connection these boys already seem to have will grow and develop once Baby is earthside (and he does have a name, by the way — but you’ll have to wait until he’s here to find it out, sorry!)

Other happy, joyful things: Tim and I are enjoying home ownership, and are finally starting to feel “settled” after 2 years in our house. We have painted quite a few rooms and re-did the master bath over the summer. We have big plans for the kitchen and the main bathroom as well, but right now our energies and budget are more focused on Baby Time. Our house feels very cozy and just right for our little (growing!) family, and we’re enjoying that.

Tim is still gainfully employed, and with the recession and all that, believe us when we say we are extremely thankful for that Happy, Joyful Thing. We are also blessed that he is able to work from home sometimes, so Sam gets to see quite a bit of his dad.  As I mentioned before under crazy, I am working, too — and that’s been a Crazy, but Happy, Joyful Thing.

And, as I mentioned several times: Baby! He’s a Happy, Joyful Thing, for sure. He seems a little more laid-back and mellow than Sam seemed in the womb — this kid definitely kicks and wiggles (like the left side of my ribcage, which I think might be bruised, seriously) but he just seems more chill. Either that, or I’m just more busy this pregnancy and don’t have time to sit around clutching my belly, waiting for kicks. Probably both are true to a certain extent. But we’re very excited to meet him come February. We’re planning a home birth with a midwife, and we’re excited about that, too.

My cinnamon rolls are almost done rising, so this will have to do for now — have a blessed and happy Christmas and may your 2011 have more Happy, Joyful Things than Crap — and may you feel God’s love, presence, and provision through whatever 2011 brings.


Tim, Alissa, Sam, and Baby Boy Birkel