an update on the children and such.

Sam is *counts on fingers* 28 months old and hilarious. I don’t mean to brag but he is pretty incredible.  He talks quite a bit. Every time anyone comments on him talking I say, “he gets lots of practice” because it’s true — he talks from the time he gets up until the time he goes to sleep. What’s amazing is that he converses on an almost adult level. He can and will carry on a conversation with you for as long as you’ll let him. He is a joy and so much fun at this age.

Right now he is really into bugs — we checked out a book about beetles at the library recently, and that’s been a big hit. He also likes to turn over the big rocks at my mom and dad’s house and look for roly-polies and other creepy crawlers. On Memorial Day he had an absolute blast running around in the backyard at my mom and dad’s with his cousins Noah and David. When it was time to go home I noticed that he looked and smelled like a dirty, sweaty, little boy and not a baby. I just can’t believe he’s almost 2 and 1/2 and already so big and independent. We tried and failed potty training — but I think he just wasn’t ready. And honestly I don’t know that I am ready either. We’ll try again in a few months, I think.

Henry is 4 months old and enormous! For being a small peanut at birth, he sure has figured out the eating thing. At his 4 month appointment he was 17 lbs 3 oz, putting him in the 90th percentile for weight. It makes me incredibly happy to know that he is thriving on mama’s milk alone. Never had a drop of anything else. The nurse at his appointment was like, “You can start him on cereal if you want” and I was like yeah… He’s clearly doing just fine without the refined carbs entering his bloodstream and priming him for diabetes later in life.

Henry has also started teething. Blech. He has been a drool machine and gnawing on his hands. I can feel where those little teeth are trying to poke through his gums. Poor kid. I don’t remember teething myself but it doesn’t seem like it would be any fun.

Developmentally, he is becoming more and more social and interactive. He will flash his amazing social smile at anyone, but he definitely reserves his biggest grins for me, his daddy, and his big brother. I love that already he knows who is important in his life. He has been rolling over from front to back both wise for ages now, since he was like 6 weeks or something, but he seems content to hang out on his tummy now when we do tummy time, as opposed to just rolling over immediately. That angle from his head to back is getting closer and closer to 45 degrees, too. He can almost sit unassisted — he’ll “tripod” for very brief periods of time. I expect that he’ll be sitting unassisted this month — Sam sat unassisted at 5 months, and Henry seems to be on the same track.

What else is new? Well — this is exciting for me — but I have 5 lbs to go to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. Then another 10-15 to get back to where I was before I got pregnant with Sam. Still, I am relatively pleased with my progress for being only 4 months postpartum and gaining close to 50 lbs. It’s funny though, even though I technically weigh more than I did before I got pregnant with Henry, I think I am definitely leaner. Most of my size 8 jeans that I was wearing right before I got pregnant with Henry fit me now, and fit me better than they did before. Some of my jeans don’t fit though because my butt is bigger — bigger as in more muscular and shapely. I don’t mind, honestly. I felt postpartum with Sam and during his first year I had fallen victim to having Mom Flat Butt. Pregnancy weakens your butt muscles so the perky butt I used to have turned into flat butt. SAD TIMES. Especially because I was told in high school by some dumb boy once that my butt was ranked 11th in my class. But thanks to Cathe Friedrich’s Butts and Guts dvd, Zumba, running, Jillian Michael’s Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism, and the occasional Insanity dvd, my butt looks better than ever. I’d maybe even make it in the top 10 butts now. 😉

ANYWAY, I feel overall that I look “tighter” all over than I did even when I weighed less than I do now. That makes me happy. I am still not where I want to be ideally, but I am getting there, and I know it’ll just take time.

The other great thing about working out is that I feel like I have tons of energy. I am still tired and I don’t always get awesome amounts of sleep but I still feel energetic and pretty good most of the time. So for that reason alone working out is worth it for me. But I also like being skinnier, too. 🙂



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