Monthly Archives: September 2011

just be.

This morning my sweet Henry woke up and came to my bed where I nursed him. As I got ready for church he was fussy and not particularly happy. As we were snuggling in bed I thought he felt a little warm so I hoped he wasn’t coming down with something.  After I got out of the shower Tim brought in the still-fussing Henry who then proceeded to projectile vomit all down Tim’s shirt. (Dad of the year award goes to Tim who, as he was being showered in baby puke, did not even flinch).

We decided that church was a no-go so I put my jammies back on (YES!) and spent all day just snuggling and nursing a feverish baby.  He napped on me all day.

I loved it.

I felt that God was telling me in these sweet moments to remember how fleeting babyhood is.  When was the last time I just snuggled and nursed Henry all day? Several months ago. Is this the last time I can spend all day snuggling and nursing a baby? Possibly.  Henry is still immobile but he turns 8 months in 2 days.  Soon he will be crawling away from me…and walking…and talking…and I’ll be forced to say things to him like, “No, we don’t poke the (not lit) candles with the thermometer” (which is a sentence that I just said to Sam like 2 minutes ago).

God was reminding me today to just be with my boys. Are my days with 2 little boys 2 years apart sometimes frustrating? Exhausting? Crazy? Absolutely.  But will they be little forever? No.

I have spent a lot of time just being frustrated. Being frustrated by how tired I am and how messy my house is. I want to just enjoy these days, even if I am exhausted and my house is always a train wreck.

Today as I held a feverish sleeping Henry in my arms I just tried to savor the sweet heaviness of his body…his beautiful eyelashes….the rosy flush of his cheeks…how happy and content he was in my arms, where for the moment I had the power to help make him feel better just because I was with him.