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The Real Secret to Happy Homemaking — Holy Experience

Ann has been trying to say Yes to the mess, whereas I am trying to say Yes to cleaning and organizing this year. There is a balance between lived in and comfortable and loving and safe and messy and gross and energy-draining. For me, the balance often swings more toward gross and energy-draining and chaotic.

Her Survival Was a “Christmas Miracle,” But the Disaster was Man-Made — Science and Sensibility

This story showed up several times in my Twitter feed. My opinion: I don’t really care if you get an epidural or not, but every woman should know what she is getting into before consenting to one. Epidurals are NOT risk-free. They often lead to more and more unnecessary medical intervention, and, in some cases like this one, can be life-threatening. *steps off natural birth soapbox*

Vegan Fudge Brownies — Breastfeeding Moms Unite

As soon as we can dig out of the snow and head to the grocery, I am totally going to pick up what I need to make these. Since going dairy-free, I have missed brownies and whatnot. Mmmm.

Install a Traditional Chair Rail and Wainscot — Remodeling Guy

Home Project Numero Uno involves installing wainscoting in our main bath. We’re going to try to paint and install the wainscoting all in one day while my mom and dad watch Sam. Hopefully soon. Do you think we can do it? I don’t think it’ll take that long…but I’ve been wrong before.

Contest Time! — girltalk

The girltalkers are hosting an organizing contest! Pick a spot, take a before picture, do something to it (clean, organize, decorate, etc), take an after picture, and submit. There’s a chance to win $100 bucks to the home store of your choice, which, let me tell you, I totally want! I organized Sam’s room and closet (but forgot to take a before picture — I got carried away). But, I ended up liking what I did so much that I did the same thing to the closet in the master bedroom, and I took a before picture. It’s still in progress, but almost finished. I plan to post the before and after pictures and write a post about it soon. (And, I’ll post the after picture of Sam’s room and closet, too, just because it looks nice and I am pretty stinkin’ proud of it).