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behold, sam walks!

Sam has been standing on his own more and more these days, and yesterday, when we turned on some music, he would ‘dance’ without having to hold onto anything. We, of course, thought this was adorable, so we wanted to take a video. Well, from there he walked! And we have it on video! Tim claims Sam took his first steps while I was doing the dishes after dinner one night a few weeks ago, but since I wasn’t present to witness them, and he hadn’t done it since then, I count yesterday as his “first steps.” By bedtime yesterday he was walking nearly across the room, like he’d done it for years. Totally crazy.

It was a bittersweet moment for me — I didn’t cry, but I definitely heard my uterus whisper, “Your baby isn’t a baby; time for another one!” To which I replied: Shush, uterus, shush.

Anyway, the video. I’m the lady with the “mummy tummy” and the mullet, if you were wondering.