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a new blog.

Last night at about 3am, when I (Alissa) was rocking Sam back to sleep, it struck me that in a few short weeks, my baby was not going to be a baby anymore. We’re about 6 weeks from his first birthday. And, although I record little milestones and things in his baby book and my private journal, I wanted to create a blog to share little glimpse of life with Sam with family and friends who don’t get to see him very often.

Yesterday at my mom and dad’s house, Sam started scooting chairs all over the kitchen. My parents said that scooting chairs is something 18 month old’s with older siblings who have showed them how figure out how to do. Sam figured it out on his own, and at 10 months. My dad said someday soon I’ll be busy doing something and turn around to find him perched on top of the refrigerator.

Last week Sam and I went to visit Tim at work. One of his coworkers had a rubber bouncy ball in her desk, which she gave to Sam to play with. He has balls at home, but no bouncy balls. He thought the ball bouncing was hilarious. Productivity in Tim’s building went down considerably because everyone had to come see what all these baby belly laughs were about. Since then, Sam has figured out how to throw the balls we have at home. They don’t bounce quite as well as the one at Daddy’s work did, but he still thinks it’s pretty funny. I guess we’ll have to get him a bouncy ball for Christmas!

Sam’s babbling sounds more and more like the inflection of language every day. He was jabbering up a storm at breakfast this morning, and I caught it on video. I’m pretty sure he’s saying something; I just can’t understand it yet.